A man in my barn?

There is a rumor circulating about a man living in my barn.  Although I will confirm that we'd be delighted to share our barn with this young man should he have use of it, really the whole thing is Kristy's department. 


We have been blessed to have Kristy living with us for over a month now, and the only information I have on this young man is through her.  Thus I refer you to her blog, and suggest you ask her yourselves.




As for me, hey, I just live here! 




3 thoughts on “A man in my barn?

  1. Hello Prairie Dell! Remember me? It’s Amy Sue from the Well. It’s great to “see” you again and your blog looks great!

  2. AmySue told me that she came across your blog and I thought I’d drop by to say “Hi”. I’m SharanFay, from the Well. I haven’t been there in a while though. I enjoyed reading thru your blog today. You have such pretty girls! And a man living in your barn….are you serious? We have a barn and I don’t like to go in there by myself. That would scare the hibbi-jibbies out of me if I thought there was someone in there!

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