Blogging about blogging

I am honestly surprised how much fun I've had tweaking the template and playing with the HTML on this blog. (Nothing fancy–just blundering around–but fun none-the-less!) I've enjoyed the challenge of making the text the colors I want, inserting the categories and pictures, adding things while keeping the look clean and open…   


I added a “word of the day” thingy today, over at the bottom of the sidebar.  If you click on the hyperlink, the definition will open in a new window.  I'm having fun with this!


9 thoughts on “Blogging about blogging

  1. …I *love* your “Little House on the Prairie” picture! How cute to see your own children looking like Mary, Laura, & Carrie.

  2. …how DO you get things to pop-up in another window?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Seems as though I was going to write something else, but I forgot. sorry.

  3. I so love the photos on your site!! Did you take all of these? You are a talented photographer – the lighting/mood is great! (And the kids sure are cute too 🙂 )
    And I am a word of the day kind of person – not that I’d ever figure out how to get that to show up on my site LOL!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my boys’ blog. I enjoy tweaking my template too. I just changed the colors of the title borders, the main title and text today. I started out with the same template that you have… I like your header picture; reminds me of Laura and Mary running through the grass in the old Little House on the Prairie tv series.

  5. Aw! Thanks everyone! When I first took the picture of my girls at the top, I didn’t realize it would be so “Little House”, it was just my girls romping in a mountain meadow, then when I looked at the picture later, I had the same thought you all did, and I loved the shot all the more!

    As to a link opening in a separate window, that was easy, as the java script on the page gives two options, separate window, or same window link. I just copied and pasted the code. So I’m not really all that smart, Suzanne. (And Maggie, you COULD do it. Your site looks much more complicated than mine. Really I just copied the code from, then added a couple little tags to center it and change the font to the color I wanted. (Which you wouldn’t have to do, I’m just picky, lol!)

    As to the pictures on the site, I did take them, but I’m not really such a talented photographer, I think I just have GREAT subjects, lol! Having a digital camera helps too, because I can take lots and just keep the good ones. Especially helpful when taking pictures of children who are in constant motion!

    Melkhi, your blog looks great! Your aspen trees make me miss Colorado. Lovely!

    Man in the barn? Oh, um, yeah. I do believe a man has asked to live in the barn for a week. I really don’t know him. I know a name, I know he wears Hawaiian shirts that clash with the wild prints on his shorts… Hippiechick, You’d probably like his style!

  6. okay, so how in the world do you find the time to figure all this code stuff out? I can’t even figure out how to get an avatar, must less all the other cool stuff. Dh teaches again tonight, maybe if I get Aaron asleep, I’ll have a couple of hours to browse the forums for help.

  7. Dell, your blog is beautiful! I mean, really, you just can’t make boys look THAT good on a blog when they get in their teens! I can’t wait to post some pictures though. Thanks for the visit. And I must admit, I’m curious about the guy in the barn too! Too many teasers on HK!


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