A Morning Off

I was still fealing crummy (migraine beter, but the cold is icky) this morning when Ken came home from the night-shift.  He took one look at me and asked if I'd like to go back to bed while he stayed up with the wee folk! 


What a wonderful husband and father he is.  It was so nice to put my congested head back in bed and doze off, listening to the sound of his voice as he read to the children. 


He woke me just in time for a lunch he had prepared (and he'd let the girls help, what a great Daddy!), and we all enjoyed lunch together while the girls shared what they'd done in school. 


While  I slept he'd taught Bible and Geography, and worked on Reading with Kendra and Typing with Kaira!  


4 thoughts on “A Morning Off

  1. Sorry you are still not feeling better. We are all fighting colds here too, not fun. Sounds like you are very blessed to have a great hands-on homeschool daddy! Hope your head clears soon.

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