Magical Childhood

When we visited my parents last weekend, my eldest daughter was enchanted by the autumn leaves falling from the trees. Watching from the window, I was enchanted as well.  With a expression of delight, she ran under the trees, hands cupped in front of her, hoping, waiting, trying, to catch the leaves as they drifted down.


Soon, she came in, gently holding a precious leaf.  


“Mommy! Daddy! Grandpa! Grandma! A leaf fell right into my hands, the tree GAVE it to me. Do you think most people have their very own leaf that a tree gave to them for a present?”


Grandpa found a book and showed her how to press her leaf, and it is now beautifully preserved, awaiting lamination into a keepsake bookmark.


3 thoughts on “Magical Childhood

  1. Dell….when can ya’ll move out to CA so our girls can play together? 😉 My littles adore fall too!!!! We’ve been too sickly to go out and romp in the leaves though. Hopefully our maple will hold out for a while longer before it starts dropping it’s leaves! 🙂

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