Inspirare, Exspirare: On Inspiration and Expiration

When we are no longer inspired, we are, to a degree, expired.

Lately, I’ve not felt the creative inspiration I did in my less sleep deprived days. Why? In part because in the necessary day to day I forget to look for it! And yet, it is everywhere. In the butterfly taking wing, in a child’s smile, in the snowflake…even in the dance of the dust particles in front of a bright window.

Creativity is spiritual. The very roots of the words reveal it, and indeed I am convinced that part of our being made in our Creator’s image is, having as part of our being a desire to create.  Creativity is a tell-tale sign of sprit that separates us from robots and animals.

Inspiration: in-breathing.

Take a deep breath!  Inspirare!


One thought on “Inspirare, Exspirare: On Inspiration and Expiration

  1. Thanks for the reminder to look beyond the day to day. I had never looked up the roots to these words, but enjoy the conclusions you have drawn.
    I love your template. Nice to see a fellow Wyominger here. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you are the first I have seen as the states population is so minimal. Anyhow, welcome! : )

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