Birthday Season! (Subtitle: I have a 6 year old!)

All household birthdays (not to mention several holidays!) fall between Oct 29th, and Jan 10th, so this is a festive, if busy season for us.

My Kaira-girl had her 6th birthday yesterday!  Several times today she’s commented that she feels very grown up now.   She dined on steak and lobster tail (her choice, and a rare treat), and opened presents of doll clothes, books, and a special gift from our guest, Kristy–a colorful scarf!  Last weekend we’d gone to the Butterfly Pavilion with my parents, and yesterday’s quiet little party at home was low-key, but joyous.


5 thoughts on “Birthday Season! (Subtitle: I have a 6 year old!)

  1. Sounds like a wonderful choice for birthday dinner. All four (well, I picked for the one year old) of ours picked pizza for their birthdays. We just finished our busy birthday season.

  2. Sounds very fun! I’d say she has great taste for a six year old! My kiddos would probably pick McD’s (also a rare treat LOL) over lobster and steak. 🙂

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